It’s Christmas once again, and you may want to surprise your beloved white golden retriever with a gift. They’re one of the most intelligent dog breeds out there, and their caring nature makes you want to give the very best to them. Thankfully, we’ve compiled several gift ideas that you can consider giving your dog. You can also use these ideas to give to your loved ones who own golden retrievers or other pets.

Grooming Brush

Golden retrievers have thick coats compared to other breeds, meaning you’ll need to brush them to keep them in the best condition. Owners understand how dirty or matted they can become without proper care. Try to look for a grooming brush with an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to brush all areas. This gift is ideal if your dog loves grooming, which is also an essential part of dog ownership. One of our favorite brushes at Elite White Golden is the FURminator deShedding Tool.

Pet Portrait

Show your golden retriever that they’re a part of the family with a custom-made pet portrait at home. Many companies and artists are offering this service. You can send them a photo of your pet and what you want done with the image. From there, they’ll work their magic and ship the portrait to you when completed.

The best part about this is you can customize it in many ways. You can change its size, frame, colors, and design style to fit your home.

Puzzle Toys

Golden retrievers are smart dogs, meaning you have to stimulate their brain to prevent them from getting bored. When you do this, they’re less likely to cause trouble around the house. There are many types of puzzle toys that work for them. A popular option is a feeder-type puzzle toy that will reward them with treats when they solve the puzzle correctly.Other toys that are great are Kong Toys, Deer Antlers and Nylabones. Kong Toys you can safely put treats in for your pup to work at getting out.

Dog Car Seat Cover

Your golden retriever will be ready to travel with you this holiday season when you gift them a dog car seat cover. You’ll protect your seats from hair and potentially dirty paws. There are many designs you can opt for with the seat cover.

Special Dog Treats

Give your pet something extra special by giving them flavored dog treats you wouldn’t otherwise buy. They may have a penchant for a specific brand or type they desire. You can find treats with flavors like bacon, chicken, and more. You can also buy supplement treats, keeping them in the best condition throughout the holiday season. At Elite White Golden, we recommend the supplements from NuVet Labs or Crunchy O’s treats from Fromm Family Pet Food.

Pet Christmas Sweater

Christmas is one of the best times to dress up your pet during the cold weather. Have them wear an ugly sweater or cute socks while they hang around the home. There are also pet hats, scarves, and other accessories. Stormy Kromer is a Michigan Company that makes quality coats and hats for you and your canine – we highly recommend them!

A New Companion

Some dogs thrive with another pup in the house. If you feel you and your family are ready for the responsibility, perhaps adding a new white golden to your family this year is the perfect gift! Bringing home a new puppy is a big decision so make sure you put time and thought into it. Is your current dog good with other dogs? Do you have the time and resources for proper training and care? Questions like these are important to properly plan. Additionally, finding a premium white golden retriever breeder is a great way to learn about what the breed needs and ensuring to match with a puppy who is ready for an older sibling!

Treat Your Golden Retriever This Christmas

Christmas is the season for giving, and it’s one of the best times to buy something for your Golden Retriever. They’re sure to appreciate the things you’re giving them when they realize how fun or useful they can be. These gifts are not only convenient for them but will also benefit their owners.