Elite White Goldens

English Cream Golden Retrievers

We are blessed to have bred and raised Golden Retrievers for more than 28 years.
We dedicate our lives to providing quality care and endless love to our Goldens.

(formerly North Woods Acres English Creams and Golden Retrievers)


We welcomed a new male here at Elite White Goldens “Jangle”. Jangle is a Serbian import and has all the bells and whistles in his 4 paws. He will add so much to our already amazing breeding program. He will be the sire of our next litter which will be whelped by Willow. We are expecting her to be bred in July, so puppies will be ready for their new homes in Nov/Dec 2023. We are taking deposits on their upcoming litter.

CHARLIE/BEAU.. are all spoken for.


Bailey and Yogi have 1 male available to no fault of his own..

Yogi is an outside stud we paired with Bailey. They are both beautiful and have excellent coats and great personalities. Yogi (BARRON’S PIGG RIVER YOGI) has all his health clearances as do all our goldens. Their litters should throw stocky fancy coats with very intelligent puppies. Bailey is a light strawberry and Yogi is white so puppies will have both colors in this litter. PUPPIES ARE $3500 WITH LIMITED AKC REGISTRATION.


Life is Better with a Golden!

We are hands-on with our puppies throughout their development, raising them in our home as family. We also offer a lifetime of support to our families.



We adopted one of Jeff and Selena’s puppies (Dudley) a week ago, we were in contact with them for the entire eight weeks before adoption. It was the best experience. The puppies are so well taken care of, my vet was so impressed with the care they give the puppies prior to adoption and the quality of the puppy.I have had many puppies and will say that house training has been super easy. Jeff and Selena already taught them the inside outside routine. Dudley has been such a joy, I look forward to all the years of happiness he will bring my family!I will never buy another puppy unless it’s from North Woods Acres, thank you Jeff and Selena!

Tracey M.

We couldn’t be any happier with this adoption. He and all of his litter mates were so well taken care in this loving home. This is now the tenth day our puppy has been here and for the last four days he’s been going to the patio door and tapping on it to let us know he needs to go potty! He then comes in & sits down for his treat while tapping my hand. He also knows his new name very well , sits & comes when called. He’s unbelievably smart! Such a good boy, my heart melts ????????????

Patricia D.

Zeus is such a joy. He is so calm and smart and quite the lover. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was to add him to our family. Thank you, Jeff and Selena Loveless for breeding such a wonderful dog! We love him so much. He is perfect!


Jeff and Selena are exceptionally good people. They treat their puppies with a lot of love and guidance. We flew to Michigan from Florida to pick up our puppy from Selena. We drove back to Florida two days later. Eli behaved like a trained 8 week old puppy during the entire car ride. I recommend Selena and Jeff if you’re in the puppy market. All I can say about them is you’re not making a mistake buying from this breeder. She is awesome to work with and has beautiful dogs and puppies.

Bill M.