Only the Best

We as breeder strive to produce quality Goldens. We do our best to provide the best care and follow AKC standards. We hold ourselves to a higher standard. We all want a loving, healthy Golden Retriever with us for many years. Let’s face it… “life is better with a Golden.”


Willow is from Champion Serbian Lineage. Her father was imported. Willow has an old soul and is very affectionate. Her coat is white ,long and wavy. Her head is blocky and her eyes are gentle. She is very playful. Puppies start at $3500 in Willows litters. First pick is an additional $500.

Isabella (“Izzy”)-RETIRED

“Izzy” is a puppy at heart. She’s always ready to retrieve a ball, frisby, rope, or stick from the woods. She loves the water too. She’s an amazing mother and a gentle little lady. Her head is blocky and her smile is contagious. Her coat is white, smooth and wavy.

Charlotte (“Charlie”)

Charlotte “Charlie” is from Champion Serbian Lineage. Her father was imported. Charlie is the most curious of our gals. This sometimes gets her into unique situations.  She is very smart and loves everyone. She loves playing fetch and retrieving anything you ask. Puppies start at $4000 in Charlottes litters. First pick is an additional $500.


Beauregard (“Beau”) is CHIC Certified, very smart, and full of energy. He loves the ladies. He is very muscular and active. He has a blocky head. His coat is white, soft and flowing. His favorite human is his dad, Jeff. He is from Champion European Lineage.

Ellie ( RETIRED)

Ellie has the most gentle spirit. She loves the water and running through the woods. She is smart and playful. She has a shorter, smooth, strawberry colored coat with a muscular body . Ellie also has a blocky head. She is an amazing mother and friend.


Bailee is full of love and curiosity. She is silly and playful like a puppy. She loves walking through the woods and picks on scents easily. Still working on “leave it”. Her coat is red,wavy and long. Bailee is very smart and shadows her humans. She is an absolute joy to be around. Puppies start at $3500 in Bailees litters. First pick is an additional $500.

Riley (retired)

Riley is our Alpha Female. She is the resident queen in our home. Always offering her love and assistance in potty training all our puppies.

She is the best mother. Riley has a great nose and picks up on scents very easily. Rileys coat is dark red, soft and smooth. Her head is blocky. Her tail and skirt are wavy and full. 

Gunner (retired)

Gunner is the sweetest boy. He is a “momma’s boy” hands-down. Very smart and playful, full of personality. He has a long, wavy coat.

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