Looking for a furry friend with a pale coat and a golden heart? If so, the adorable white golden retriever might be the perfect buddy for you.

This particular dog breed is known for its loyalty, intelligence, confidence, and playfulness. This makes them ideal family dogs and safe companions for children. However, apart from choosing the breed, you should also consider where the golden retriever puppies will come from. It’s best to get one from a fellow dog lover — ideally a breeder who treats dogs as family. Here are four benefits of buying from a reputable white golden retriever breeder.

1. Healthy and Friendly Lineage

Similar to people, a dog’s overall health and temperament can be inherited. Golden retrievers are more predisposed to health issues like skin allergies, aortic stenosis, and joint pain. Also, while most golden retrievers are friendly, there are a few lineages that might produce aggressive and grumpy animals.

To avoid these problems, reputable breeders raise pups from healthy and affectionate ancestries, making the transfer of desirable traits and genetics more likely. If there are associated risks, the breeder keeps a record and would be able to clearly disclose them to you.

2. Complete Vaccination and Paperwork

If you get your white golden retriever from a reputable breeder, you won’t have to worry about initial vaccinations and deworming. These procedures would usually be done already. Also, the breeder would supply the health records evidencing the vaccination and other procedures done on your pup.

Apart from veterinary documents, a great breeder will provide the dog’s registration to kennel clubs. They might even flaunt their dogs’ accomplishments in these competitions like proud parents.

More importantly, there would be a sales contract indicating the obligations of both the breeder and the buyer. This is great as it makes the purchase more concrete and easily enforceable if any issues or complications arise.

3. Basic Training Services

White golden retrievers are intelligent dogs, so some breeders may provide basic training services. This will come in handy if you want a dog that is already potty trained or capable of following basic commands like “sit” and “come.”

However, note that this service is not universally offered by all breeders. Training is a service that we take pride in here at Elite White Goldens. We prepare our pups for their forever homes with potty training, crate and leash training, noise desensitization, and more.

4. Lifetime Support and Guidance

Reputable breeders don’t just post “puppies for sale” signs, get your payment, and call it a day. They love the dogs they breed. That’s why you can count on them for support and guidance on your white golden retriever’s needs.

Think about the useful tips and knowledge that you can get from these dog-caring experts. You won’t receive that from your average seller.

Final Thoughts

From ensuring good lineage to providing consistent support, there are many benefits to buying from a reputable white golden retriever breeder. We can be that breeder for you – contact us today!