Let’s talk about those pesty uninvited insects. You know what I’m talking about, flees, ticks and mosquitoes. They are not only a nuisance, but they can also affect the lives of our pets and our entire household. This is the time of year these insects are hatching and coming out of hibernation. Now we all know there are many options out there from chemicals treatments such as topicals, dips, shampoos, collars, pill form and even injectable prevention. Then to the more Natural Treatments such as Diatomaceous Earth and products like Wondercide.

Review for Wondercide

Nobody wants flees or ticks on their pets or in their homes. We certainly don’t want our furry family member bitten by an infected mosquito. From Tape worms to Lyme disease to Heart worms. Let’s face it our pets are walking targets under attack. There are so many side effects with the Chemical treatments and Preventative Care. So, the big question is, “What do I use?” Thats a great question! Check out this helpful guide from Vetinfo. There are so many side effects to be concerned about so what we do when it comes to treatment? The natural treatments for your yard, house and family pets would be best when you think about the health risk. We all want to see our family and pets live a long healthy life. If we can help by taking nature prevention in our hands, then why not. There are other steps to help reduce the contact with these insects such as keeping the grass cut short, not having free standing water in the yard and treating regular with natural products like the Diatomaceous Earth or Wondercide. Well, I’m going to close for now on this topic. Remember to do your research and find what safely works for you and your fur baby. Natural is always best IMO.