Did you know that dogs have a perception of time? As intelligent animals, they are able to establish routines and tell when a walk in the park is due. To make their lives more exciting and healthier, it is your duty to spice up your dog’s regimen every now and then. 

As a new year dawns, there’s no better time to set changes. Here are five New Year’s resolutions that would be good for both you and your dog.

1. Play and Exercise More

Most dogs prefer active lives. Some become lazy because their owners or their living conditions restrict them from playing and running about. 

Despite your busy schedule, make some time to take your dog to the local park. Play some tag, fetch, or frisbee, and then reward your furry friend with a well-deserved treat. If your pup is overflowing with energy, you can even participate in competitive dog sports like canine agility. These activities improve your dog’s bond with you and their overall health.

2. Shift to a Healthier Diet

Speaking of health, it’s better to shift to a more nutritious diet. Young dogs like golden retriever puppies should drink their mother’s milk until ready to be weaned (mom starts this between 4 and 5 weeks old) and then introduced to a softened food as mom is weaning them. As they grow, you can start feeding them minced protein as well as vet-recommended vitamins and supplements. A good quality puppy food such as FROMM PUPPY will help balance out their dietary needs, which we highly recommend. It is recommended to stay away from all grain free food as there is supportive evidence linking it to heart disease. Dogs on some popular, grain-free diets could be at risk of heart disease. This will allow the pups to grow happy and strong. Keep in mind 10% of your dog’s diet should include fresh vegetables.

Adult dogs also need a balanced, high-quality protein diet to remain fit and be less prone to complications like obesity. Always provide fresh clean water. Here at Elite White Goldens, we recommend Fromm Family Pet Food or supplements from NuVet Labs.

3. Learn a Trick or Two

Did you know that dogs are about as intelligent as a two-year-old human child? Help your furry friend harness their full brain power by teaching them a trick or two!

Teach your dog to sit, stay, or stand on command. It can take a while, but as long as you’re consistent, the results would be worth it. Just make sure to use only positive reinforcement like giving your dog a treat or pat on the head. Do not reprimand the dog for any failed attempts. Remember that your main goal is to deepen the bond you share. Lucky for us, Golden Retrievers only want to show you love and make you happy.

4. Don’t Skip the Vet

As Michigan golden retriever breeders, we believe that no dog owner should skip their dog’s yearly visit to the vet. Even if your dogs look healthy, they should still be physically examined annually. This will ensure that any developing problem is quickly addressed and their vaccinations are kept up-to-date. Be mindful not to over vaccinate as there have been concerns that neglected vaccination routines link to cancer in many breeds. An easy way to be safe is with the titer test. This test measures the level of coverage in your k9 friends so you don’t vaccinate unnecessarily.

To mitigate veterinary costs, you can get pet insurance. This can be helpful, especially during emergency situations.

5. Travel Near and Far

Bring your dog on some of your travels. Let them see the beach and ocean, sniff the grass in the woods, or experience the concrete city landscapes. You don’t even have to take them very far. A trip to the local pet store or walk in the park would already be a treat for them! Just be mindful about their safety. Use a leash and harness when walking and a specially made K9 Seat Belt you can find in any pet store or online.

Final Thoughts

From playing to traveling, you can do lots of things with your dog in 2023. If you are on the hunt for a new pup for the new year — particularly sweet and beautiful Michigan white golden retrievers — then check out Elite White Goldens!