Welcome back! Today we are going to talk about ear care verses ear infections in Golden Retrievers. Yes these beautiful Goldens are at risk of ear infections in their beautiful ears. That being said lets talk about care and prevention of ear infections. Lets face it we all love the soft fluffy body of a Golden Retriever and burying your face into their welcoming cheeks and necks is just about the most amazing feeling there is.. The down side to that soft check and neck is that an ear is buried beneath that warm fur. That fur causes extra warmth and holds moisture in their ears that can cause infections or harbor mites.

Goldens not only love the water but their ears are the perfect place to hold extra moisture. A Goldens ears require care to keep clean and dry as it wont happen on its own.. Now don’t be discouraged that this is going to be more work for you, as it only takes maybe 5 minutes a week to keep them clean or a regular routine look while cuddling on the couch. Remember the old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Most floppy eared dogs are at greater risk of developing ear infections because of the warmth but its not the end of the world. There are good cleaners you can use without a prescription. We keep a bottle of Trizultra+Keto ear flush on hand and it works great for regular preventative care..

If we find the ears are dirty looking but don’t have a yeast like smell or red we simply clean (more likely dirty from playing or allergies).. Keep in mind Goldens like humans have allergies from time to time and it will show in the added ear moisture. In the event an ear infection presents we do additional daily cleaning for up to 5 day and if we don’t see an improvement we set up a vet apt. We learned a long time ago dirty ears does not always mean an ear infection. Signs of an ear infection can be red ,hot ears, yeast like smell and lots of dirty looking waxy ear crud. At times you can see your dog shaking their heads, scratching ears while whimpering. American Kennel Club has a insightful guide to the additional symptoms or side effects your pup may be experiencing. Ear mites residue looks more like coffee grounds and is itchy to them. Ear mites will cause discomfort as well and you should seek a veterinarians care for treatment.

Remember to dry ears thoroughly after baths and after swimming or playing in water. The old saying is so true “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Well going to close for now I certainly hope this post helps someone.. Give your Goldens a great big hug and enjoy your day. “Remember life is better with a golden”…….