So you’re planning on adding a new puppy to your family. That is a great idea! Lets cover a few things to be sure you are ready. Puppy proofing your home is much like baby proofing it for a toddler. Pick up small items that they can choke on, along with socks and remotes. Be sure to tuck all cords and cables safely out of their reach. Pick up and put away shoes. Be sure all medications are off the tables and countertops.

Pick up plants and knick knacks. Remember “baby proof / puppy proof”. Place any chewing gum up high. The sweetener is toxic to dogs. Reading any articles on raising puppies can only make you a better puppy parent. Patience is very important and consistency .. Remember a puppy wants to please you, so if you teach it what you want while she is very young she will be an absolute joy . Puppies are challenging but worth it all in the end.. We send each adoptive families home with a puppy starter basket. It is chucked full of goodies for you and your puppy. Puppy Dog Articles & Information | IAMS™ Dog & Cat Pet Food Brand